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[96] HS编码 9603 帚、刷(包括作为机器、器具、车辆零件的刷)、非机动的手工操作地板清扫器、拖把及毛掸;供制帚、刷用的成
Harmonized System Code : HS Code
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HS Code List (Harmonized System Code) for US, UK, EU, China, India, France, Japan, Russia, Germany, Korea, Canada ... 960310 用枝条或其他植物材料捆扎的帚及刷,可有把 
960321 牙刷,包括齿板刷 
960329 剃须刷、发刷、指甲刷、睫毛刷及其他梳妆刷 
960330 画笔、毛笔及施敷化妆品用刷 
960340 漆刷及类似刷;油漆块垫及滚筒 
960350 作为机器、器具、车辆零件的刷 
960390 其他帚刷拖把等;制帚刷用的成束成簇的材料

HS code is a standardized multi-functional system to classify goods, universally applied by governments of all countries, international organizations and individuals in many other fields, such as domestic tax, trade policy, price control, quota control, budgeting, and economic research and analysis. Therefore HS Code becomes a universally recognized classification standard and economic language.


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Y : 853 / T : 127 / M : 2,721 / A : 1,969,083