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HS Code is also referred to as tariff codes, customs codes, harmonized codes, export codes, import codes, and Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System codes.     HScode Search - Enter HS code or Keyword what you are looking for..
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HS code : Tariff code : Customs code : Harmonized code : Export code : Import code
HS code is a multipurpose international product nomenclature developed by the World Customs Organization
HS Code divides the commodities into 21 categories covering all articles in international trade.

HS还是一部标准的多用途商品分类体系,广泛地被各国政府、国际组织和私人领域用于许多其他方面,如国内税收、贸易政策、价格监控、配额管制、预算编制和经济研究与分析等. HS分类因而成为通用的经济语言和统一的商品分类标准
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